Hello 2015

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It's strange looking at my website after not writing for several years nor using the internet much. Digital Detox is fantastic and incredibly positive.
Let's see how my art evolves. Feel free to email me with themes and suggestions unless you'd like to see another blog about low carb diets and exercise.

Today, time started to matter again.

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June 1st

I started running again, as of yesterday.
same motion.
different reasons.


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In this situation, do I apologize for my late response?
I really mean it, but I'll do it again. I have problems with punctuality, but I will always get there.

Sort of like messy people apologizing for their mess every time I walk into their place.

Place Your Bets.

Submitted by michelle on Wed, 2008-02-13 23:54.

I didn't want an iPhone last year, wouldn't mind one, but not want
but my life has changed and it would fit my needs now.

My phone has a crack in it.
It winds around, around an inch long, similar to low-rider jeans.

and keeps getting longer.

Which happens first? My phone breaks or I get an iPhone.
Place your bets.


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It felt so unnatural to open a medicine bottle that was not childproof.

cliché, yet universal

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If I ever run out of things to write, I'll just fall in love and get my heart broken. :)

I don't get up early.

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I get up when it counts.

It's creepy.

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May 11, 2007

Twice this year.
When new acquaintances want to hang out with me, one of their friends die

When I told some of my friends, I could not speak above a whisper.
Should I come with a warning label?

"Free at Last!"

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What do you want on your Tombstone?

Decision Making Process

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As I plucked each petal from the daisy, I repeated," Suffocation, strangulation...suffocation, strangu...".