“Somewhere Sorry”

I miss the Vegas of my childhood
seedy, yet stylish

Now the city is sold, leaving nothing special.
The exact same way apologies are hollow.
apologies are hollow

"sorry" was not a stock footage phrase
doing things
well- expected commonplace
some do dare
to stand behind their names
they know when they’re right
and they know when to change.

I miss personality
Flaws frank and flawlessly
I miss people who aren’t brochures
for their faith or political party.
Who independently research
before they protest or acquiesce

Sometimes “tactful”’s
just a synonym for “asshole”.
Sometimes “tactful”’s
just a synonym for “asshole”.

The responsible party’s never a person
When something goes wrong, the answer’s redundant
Society, media, drugs and government
Something so big it can’t be punished.

"sorry" was not a stock footage phrase
doing things
well- expected commonplace
some do dare
to stand behind their names
they know when they’re right
and they know when to change.

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J. H. (not verified) Says:
Fri, 2012-11-30 17:25

I like the poem.

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